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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

Table of contents

Installing the IR illuminator

The riflescope is equipped with a IR Illuminator featuring a wavelength of 940 nm or 850 nm which provides significant increase in observation range in lowlight conditions and in the darkness.


  1. Remove the IR illuminator connector plug (13). Turn the plug according to the image, pull in the opposite direction from the battery.
  2. Remove the IR illuminator cover (14), lift the IR illuminator lever (17).
  3. Place the illuminator tightly onto the IR illuminator connector (12), lower the lever (17).
  4. Make sure that the IR Illuminator is mounted and connected to the riflescope – the icon () will disappear from the display.
  5. To activate the IR illuminator, press the IR (16) button briefly on the edge of the illuminator. IR power level upon start is minimal .
  6. IR Illuminator icon with respective power level is shown in the bar status.
  7. To switch between power levels press the IR (16) button ( >  > > ) successively and briefly.
  8. To adjust the position of the light spot in the field of view of the sight, turn the IR-illuminator lens lock knob (21) to the OPEN position.
  9. By moving the lens of the IR illuminator with your hand, adjust the required position of the light spot in the field of view of your sight. After successful adjustment, turn the lock knob (21) in the CLOSE direction while aiming the lens in the desired direction to lock the IR illuminator lens.
  10. To deactivate the IR Illuminator, hold down the IR (16) button - the icon will disappear from the display.


  • Upon turning the IR off, power level is not saved in the riflescope’s memory.
  • IR Illuminator is not focusable.
  • IR Illuminator’s heat sink becomes hot. It is a functional and constructive feature; it is not a defect.
  • The riflescope is equipped with a Weaver rail (23) for installing additional accessories. In this case, you will need to disconnect the standard IR illuminator and close the plug (13) of the IR illuminator connector (12) to ensure tightness
  • When using an IR illuminator on a rifle with a silencer installed, light flare may appear on the display.