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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

Table of contents

Mounting on the Rifle


Before using the riflescope you need to install a mount (may not be included). The mounting holes in the base of the riflescope enable the mount to be installed in one of the multiple positions to provide comfortable operating.

  1. Attach the mount (22) to the base of the riflescope using a hex-nut wrench and screws.
  2. The mount can be installed using either 4, 3 or 2 screws, depending on the chosen position of the mount.
  3. Choosing the position of the mount helps to ensure the correct eye relief, depending on the type of rifle.
  4. Install the riflescope with the mount on the rifle and check if the position is suitable for you, then remove it.
  5. Unscrew the screws halfway, apply some thread sealant onto the thread of the screws and tighten them fully. Let the sealant dry for the time specified in the instructions. The riflescope is ready to be installed on a rifle and to be zeroed.
  6. Before using the riflescope on the hunt, follow instructions in the Zeroing section.

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