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Digisight Ultra LRF
Digisight Ultra LRF

Table of contents

Wi-Fi Function

Your thermal riflescope features wireless connection option (Wi-Fi) which links it with external appliances (tablet, smartphone).

Wi-Fi operation is shown in the status bar as follows:

Connection Status

Indication in the Status Bar

Wi-Fi is off

Wi-Fi in the riflescope is being activated

Wi-Fi is on, no connection with mobile device

Wi-Fi is on, mobile device connected

  • Your riflescope is detected by external appliance as “Digisight Ultra_XXXX”, where XXXX — is the last four digits of riflescope's serial number.
  • After entering the password (default: 12345678) on a mobile (see the Password Setup subsection of the Wi-Fi Settings section for more information on setting a password) and setting up a connection, the icon  in the riflescope status bar changes to .