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Helion 2 Pro
Helion 2 Pro

Table of contents

Video Recording and Photography

Helion 2 Pro thermal imagers feature video recording and photography of the image being observed to the internal memory card.

Before using this feature please set the date and time (see General Settings section).

For information on how to watch recorded photos and videos, see the Stream Vision 2 user manual: Android, iOS.

The built-in recorder operates in two modes Video and Photo:

Video mode. Video recording

  1. Switch to Video mode by pressing and holding the REC (7) button.
  2. The icon and the remaining recording time in HH:MM (Hours:Minutes) format are displayed in the upper left corner, for example 12:10.
  3. Press the REC (7) button briefly to start video recording.
  4. When the video recording starts, the icon will disappear and the REC icon and timer in MM:SS (Minutes:Seconds) format will appear .
  5. Pause and resume recording video with a short press of the REC (7) button.
  6. Stop recording video with a long press of the REC (7) button.
  7. Video files are saved to the built-in memory card after the video recording has been stopped.
  8. Press and hold the REC (7) button to switch between the Video and Photo modes (Video-> Photo-> Video…)

Photo Mode. Capturing an image 

  1. Switch to the Photo mode by pressing and holding the REC (7) button.
  2. Press the REC (7) button briefly to take a photo. The image freezes for 0.5 sec while the photo is saved to the internal memory.
  3. In the top left corner of the display you will see a camera icon  and the number of pictures you are able to take. If the number is less than 100 the actual number will be shown (i.e. 98) but if more than 100 pictures can be taken >100 will be displayed next to the icon .


  • You can enter and operate the menu during video recording.
  • The counter for multimedia files cannot be reset.
  • Recorded videos and photos are saved to the internal memory card in the format img_xxx.jpg (photos); video_xxx.mp4 (videos) where xxx is a three-digit counter for videos and photos.


  • The maximum duration of a recorded file is five minutes. After this time expires, a video is recorded into a new file. The number of recorded files is limited by the capacity of the device's internal memory.
  • Regularly check the free capacity of the internal memory and move recorded footage to other storage media to free up space on the internal memory card.
  • In case of a memory card error, you can use the format function in the General Settings section of the main menu.

  • When the Display Off function is activated, video recording is paused.