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Krypton FXG
Krypton FXG

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Installing Pulsar 5x30 B Monocular on to the Attachment

The Pulsar 5x30 B monocular (available separately) allows you to transform the attachment into a hand-held thermal imager with 5x magnification.

  1. Align the tabs on the monocular with the slots of the mount (20).
  2. Turn the monocular clockwise to secure it on the thermal imaging attachment.
  3. To remove the monocular, turn it counterclockwise and disconnect from the attachment.


  • The monocular can be installed on a thermal imaging attachment with an adapter already installed. The Ring Adaptor must be mounted onto the mounting area (20) of the attachment until it stops.
  • The monocular can be installed on the device with an adapter installed only if the original PSP adapter is installed. This may not be possible when using an adapter from other manufacturers.
  • The single-point neck strap (available separately) can be used with the monocular.