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Auto Shutdown

Auto Shutdown

This item allows you to activate the auto shutdown function when your riflescope is in a non-operating position (tilted up or down at an angle of more than 70° / right or left or at an angle of more than 30°).

  1. Press and hold the MENU (3) button to enter the main menu.
  2. Rotate the controller (6) to select the Accelerometer  submenu.
  3. Confirm the selection by briefly pressing the MENU (3) button.
  4. Rotate the controller (6) to select Auto Shutdown .
  5. Press the MENU (3) button to enter the submenu.
  6. Rotate the controller (6) to set the countdown timer for auto shutdown (1 min, 3 min, 5 min) or select Switch off if you wish to deactivate Auto Shutdown.
  7. Confirm your selection with a short press of the MENU (3) button.

Note: If the automatic shutdown function is activated, the status bar shows an icon ​and shutdown time period as 1/3/5 min.