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Zeroing Profile

Zeroing Profile

This item of the main menu allows you to select one of five profiles (А, В, С, D, E, F, G, H, I, J) to use. Each profile stores information on the following parameters:

  • A set of zeroed distances
  • Reticle color
  • Reticle type
  • Ballistic profile on/off

Different profiles can be used when using the riflescope on different rifles or when shooting with different bullets.

Zeroing profiles cannot be deleted. You can change the parameters of zeroing distances or delete distances within a profile. You can also change the name of the zeroing profile in the Stream Vision Ballistics App.

  1. Press and hold the MENU (3) button to enter the main menu.
  2. Rotate the controller (6) to select the Reticle & Zeroing menu item.
  3. Press the MENU (3) button briefly to enter the Reticle & Zeroing submenu.
  4. Press the MENU (3) button briefly to enter the Zeroing Profile submenu.
  5. Rotate the controller (6) to select one of the zeroing profiles (marked with the letters A, B, C, D, E).
  6. Confirm your selection with a short press of the MENU (3) button.
  7. The name of the selected profile appears in the status bar at the bottom of the display.