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Trail 2 LRF
Trail 2 LRF

Table of contents

USB Connection

  1. Connect one end of the USB cable to the Micro-USB (10) port of your riflescope, and the other end to the USB port of your PC/laptop.
  2. Turn the riflescope on with a short press of ON/OFF (11) button (riflescope that has been turned off cannot be detected by your computer).
  3. Your riflescope will be detected by the computer automatically; no drivers need to be installed.
  4. Two connection modes will appear on the display: Power and Memory Card (external memory).
  5. Select connection mode with UP (3)/DOWN (5) buttons.
  6. Confirm selection with a short press of M (4) button.

Connection modes:


  • In this mode PC/laptop is used as an external power supply. The status bar shows an icon  . The device continues operating and all functions are available. 
  • The Battery Pack installed in the device is not being charged!
  • When USB cable is disconnected from the device when in the Power mode, the device keeps operating with Battery Pack, if available, and it has sufficient charge.

Memory card (external memory)

  • In this mode the device is detected by the computer as a flash card. This mode is designed for work with the files saved in device's memory. The device's functions are not available in this mode; the device turns off automatically.
  • If video recording was in progress when connection was made, recording stops and video is saved.
  • When USB cable is disconnected from the device in Memory Card mode, the device remains turned OFF. Turn the device ON for further operation.