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Weaver USQD Rifle Mount
Weaver USQD Rifle Mount

Table of contents

Installation Procedure


  • Mounting slots in the riflescope base allow you to install the mount into one of several positions. Choosing the position of the mount helps to ensure correct eye relief, depending on the type of hunting shotgun.
  • Weaver USQD mounts can be attached using either two, three or four screws depending on the riflescope model and the selected mount position.
  • Use 2 screws M6x20 to fix the mount on Talion riflescopes; use 1 screw M6x25 for the mount center bore (C).

  • To install the mount on Digisight/Digisight Ultra, Apex, Trail riflescopes, disconnect the adapters (6) using an S2.5 Allen key.


1. Attach the mount to the riflescope base using the S4 Allen key and screws (1) (clamping force – 4 Nm/35.4 in-lbs).

2. Mount the riflescope on the weapon rail and make sure the chosen position is comfortable.

3. Remove the riflescope from the weapon rail.

4. Unscrew the screws one by one, apply a drop of Loctite and screw back until it stops (clamping force – 4 Nm/35.4 in-lbs). Allow the Loctite to dry for some time.

5. Move the clamps (4) to the OPEN position.

6. Install the mount with riflescope on the weapon rail.

7. Move the clamps (4) from the OPEN position to the CLOSE position.

8. If there is any backlash, do the following:

  • Loosen the locking screws (5) using the S1.5 Allen key.
  • Tightening the adjusting nuts (2) of the clamps (4) with the S5 Allen key, ensure that the mount is securely fixed to the riflescope weapon rail and has no backlash.
  • Having achieved the optimal position of the clamps (4), fix them with the screws (5) using the S1.5 Allen key.

9. Press the locks (3) and move the clamps to the OPEN position, the mount should easily be removed from the leaf.

10. The riflescope is ready for zeroing.