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Pulsar Digex XS series IR illuminators open up the distant horizons of night observation.

The success of a night hunt depends on a number of factors – night vision optics is one. The class of night optics is a key parameter, but even the most sensitive electro-optical riflescope sometimes needs infrared illumination. 

Digex-XS infrared illuminators for Digex digital night and day/night riflescopes feature a three-fold increase in optical power over previous models. More power means better illumination of a hunt object at night shot distances, and a higher likelihood of correct recognition and identification.

Pulsar Digex-X850S or Digex-X940S?

The Pulsar Digex-X850S IR illuminator has a wavelength of 850 nm. Digital sensors have the highest sensitivity in this range, meaning that a riflescope paired with such an illuminator will help you see far-away objects better. Invisible to the naked eye, the IR range (940 nm) of the Pulsar Digex-X940S allows the hunter to observe animals without the risk of being detected and frightening them off.

Functionality and convenience.

The attachment point means IR illuminators are quick to install on Digex riflescopes in positions convenient to the hunter.

A number of functional and operational advantages makes these Digex-XS IR illuminators a clear-choice for use with digital riflescopes of the Digex family:

  • Tenfold range of smooth power adjustment;
  • LED diodes are used as a radiation source, which guarantees complete safety for vision even with direct exposure to the retina
  • Fine adjustment of the spot position within the digital riflescope field of view;
  • Includes APS2 (2 Ah) rechargeable power supply;
  • Additional adapter cover for powering the illuminator from an APS3 (3.2 Ah) battery with a higher capacity;
  • Full compatibility with all Digex riflescopes.

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