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The Talion XQ38: the new versatile thermal imaging riflescope by Pulsar

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide has big news: the compact and lightweight Talion XQ38 is joining the Pulsar thermal imaging riflescopes range. The new device for professional hunting and pest control features great versatility, comfort of use and greatly advanced functionality.

Tailored to your needs

The design of the Talion XQ38 thermal imaging riflescope is thought through to the nth degree. Starting with the multi-point mounting prism for exact positioning on the rifle and multiple screw points for smooth and flexible installation of the Talion on various types of rifles. Simply move the riflescope back and forth until you reach the most comfortable viewing position.

Smooth and quick battery change

To eliminate distractions as much as possible, we designed a unique battery cover for the Talion with a rapid extraction lock ensuring fast and flawless battery replacement. Simply release the lock to open and raise the cover on the top of your riflescope and quickly replace the battery – it can even be done in complete darkness. The Talion XQ38 is powered with Pulsar’s APS5 rechargeable battery which ensures 9 hours of active use on a single charge – all the time you need for an efficient hunt.

Ease of use

The Talion's user-focused design is best reflected through the placement of control elements on the top panel of the eyepiece. With easy access to all controls, the Talion is simple to use for both right- and left-handed hunters.

We also implemented a new touch feature, which is especially apt for shooting at night – a precise focusing ring with integrated fin lever. It facilitates setting correct focusing in an instant, without even looking at the riflescope. The secret is simple: the fin lever is set to match the protruding ridge on the Talion’s housing as soon as the focusing reaches the 70 m mark.

New algorithms for enhanced image quality

The new Talion XQ38 is compact and lightweight. The magnesium alloy housing is robust and durable. This dependable companion won’t disappoint under a wide range of weather and temperature conditions. Ultimately, it will prove it’s worth as a great long-range game detector.

A selection of three signal amplification levels in combination with new image processing algorithms and fine brightness and contrast adjustments ensures perfect detail recognition as well as clear rendering of objects and backgrounds.

Maintaining a high-quality image even in the most severe weather conditions with the Talion is possible due to the French pro-grade Lynred thermal imaging sensor with NETD <40mK. The smallest temperature differences are clearly visible even during rainfall or on a cold morning.

Collect memories in an instant

The Talion has a long list of great features. It takes only a touch of a button to capture the most memorable moments or start recording video. With 16 GB of internal memory, you’ll be able to save your memories on the device for as long as you make new ones.

Use the built-in Wi-Fi to connect your Talion with Android and iOS smartphones via the Stream Vision 2 mobile application, for wireless software updates, file transmission to your mobile device screen and free cloud storage for registered users.

The Talion XQ38 stands out from the crowd with:

  • Multi-point prism mount for exact positioning on the rifle
  • Rapid extraction battery mechanism / 9 hours of work on a single battery charge
  • Direct access to all control elements
  • Focus adjustment with tactile marker set for night shooting
  • Strong but lightweight magnesium alloy housing
  • Three sensitivity amplification levels
  • Variable magnification 2.5x–10x
  • French pro-grade Lynred sensor with thermal sensitivity <40mK
  • Photo and video recording
  • WiFi integration with iOS and Android devices via the Stream Vision 2 mobile application
  • Waterproof IPX7 rated housing
  • High calibre recoil resistance: 12 gauge, 9.3x64, .375H&H
  • Five shooting profiles / 50 zeroing distances
  • A selection of ten reticle shapes in nine colour modes
  • Precision aiming in the Picture-in-picture mode
  • A selection of different colour palettes

Key specifications:



Model name

Talion XQ38

Sensor resolution, pixel


Pixel pitch, µm


Display type


Objective lens




Detection range, m


FOV, °


Dimensions, mm


Weight, g


The Talion XQ38 will be one of Pulsar’s highlights at the 2022 SHOT Show, the largest professional event for the sports shooting, hunting and outdoors industry.
We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

The new riflescope will be available from Q1 2022.

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