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Pulsar Digex-XS
External Infrared Illuminators

External IR Illuminators




Pulsar Digex-X850S. Increased range

Pulsar Digex-X850S. Increased range

Wavelength of IR-illuminator Pulsar Digex-X850s is 850 nm. Sensors of digital night vision devices have the best sensitivity in this range and due to this fact, illuminator is effective for viewing remote objects.

Pulsar Digex-X940S. Invisible range

Pulsar Digex-X940S. Invisible range

IR Illuminator Pulsar Digex-X940S operates in "invisible" for human eye IR waveband. It allows the hunter observe animals without the risk of being discovered and scaring them.


High power

Pulsar Digex-XS IR illuminators feature increased optical power, which expands the riflescope's resources in constructing an informative image, plus it increases the range of effective use of night optics.

IR spot position fine adjustment within the riflescope field of view

The adjustment function of the Pulsar Digex-XS IR illuminator’s optical unit directs the luminous flux to concentrate maximum illumination in a particular area of the riflescope field of view, where it is needed for observation.

Tenfold range of smooth power adjustment

Set a comfortable radiation intensity depending on the characteristics of the observation site, the natural level of night illumination and the distance to the target object by smoothly switching the power level within a tenfold range.

Safety for vision

The radiation source in the Pulsar Digex illuminators of the XS series are LED-type infrared diodes. Unlike most solutions based on laser diodes, LED IR illuminators are safe for vision when IR illuminator light hits the retina brifly.

Quick installation on the riflescope body

Pulsar Digex-XS IR illuminators are installed on 30 mm Digex riflescope body parts without any tools and in positions convenient to the hunter. The quick-lock attachment point makes the process of installing or removing the IR illuminator simple and time-saving.

Included APS2 rechargeable power supply

Included APS2 rechargeable power supply

Pulsar Digex-XS IR illuminators are supplied with an original APS 2 battery (2 Ah), sufficient for an average of three hours of operation. The kit also includes an adapter cover for installing an optional APS3 battery with a higher capacity (3.2 Ah), which ensures the work of the illuminator one and a half times longer. The APS batteries used in the Pulsar Digex-XS IR illuminators are similar to the replaceable batteries used in Digex riflescopes.


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