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Helion Flip-Up Phone Mount
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Phone Mount

Helion Flip-Up

The Flip-up Phone Mount is intended for the fixing a smartphone on a thermal imaging scope Helion. When streaming image from Helion via Wi-Fi the smartphone acts as an external display of the thermal scope. The Phone Mount is inclinable at various angles and collapsible for travelling position.


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Law-enforcement, land security, forestry, firefighting, life rescue, border patrol, maritime security and cost guard - Lexion is designed for heavy use by professionals.

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Helion 2 XP Pro

Helion 2 XP presents a new level of thermal imaging. A highly sensitive thermal imaging sensor, a sharp, richly contrasted image, a built-in video- and audiorecorder, integration with IOS and Android devices. Guaranted performance in the worst observation conditions.

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The Helion series thermal imagers embrace a wide range of professional and semi-professional applications from hunting and scouting to law enforcement and life rescue.  Hunters looking for animals in the woods, outdoor enthusiasts willing to protect camping site at night, law enforcement professionals seizing criminals and rescue teams searching for survivors or lost people all will be pleased with potential of the Helion series from Pulsar. 

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