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Digex C50
Digex C50

Table of contents

Powering on and Adjusting the IR Illuminator

Use the IR illuminator to improve the quality of observation in lowlight conditions at night.

  1. Turn on the IR illuminator by pressing the button (22) on the side of the light housing.
  2. Turn the knob (27) of the IR illuminator to control the illuminator power.
  3. To adjust the IR light position in the riflescopes field of view, loosen the ring (19) of the IR illuminator by turning it in the direction of the arrow.
  4. Turn on the riflescope to control the position of the light spot on the display. Adjust the IR illuminator lens using its hinge system to align the IR illumination in the riflescopes field of view.  Once adjusted, tighten the IR illuminator ring (19).
  5. Press the IR button (22) to turn off the IR illuminator.

The illuminator is equipped with an LED indicator (23) making it possible to monitor the battery level. Indication modes are in the table below:

(23) Indicator Color

IR Operating Mode

The IR illuminator is on. The battery is charged

The IR illuminator is on. The battery is discharged.
Approximate operating time before the IR illuminator
turns off is 30 minutes

The IR illuminator is off