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Digex C50
Digex C50

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The SumLight™ function increases the sensor sensitivity. Available in the “Night”  observation mode.

  1. Turn off the IR illuminator before using the SumLight ™ function.
  2. Press and hold the controller button (6) to enter the main menu.
  3. Rotate the controller ring (6) to select the SumLight™ menu item.
  4. To turn SumLight™ on or off, briefly press the controller button (6).
  5. SumLight™ icon (on  or off ) is shown in the status bar.

Attention! When the SumLight™ function is activated, the noise level in the image increases, the frame rate decreases and the image slows down. Any sharp movement of the device may cause the image to become “blurred”. Such effects are not defects. Luminous white dots (pixels) may be visible on the device’s display. The number of dots may increase when the SumLight™ function is enabled. This is due to the nature of how this function works and is not a defect.

Attention! Due to peculiarities of AMOLED display technology, after switching between various reticles, you may notice on the riflescope’s display semitransparent white lines of the previous reticle. They may appear if a new reticle does not contain elements (such as lines, circles, bars etc.) of the previous reticle. After a while, the “ghost image” becomes less noticeable. The appearance of “ghost images” on the display after repeatedly changing the reticle is not a defect and is not considered as a warranty case.