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Helion 2 Pro
Helion 2 Pro

Table of contents

Powering on and Image Settings

  1. Open the lens cover (1).
  2. Turn the device on with a short press of the ON/OFF (11).
  3. To obtain a crisp image of the icons on the display, rotate the diopter adjustment ring (6). After this, there is no need to rotate the diopter adjustment ring for distance or any other conditions.
  4. To focus on the object being observed, rotate the lens focus ring (2).
  5. To set up display brightness and contrast and smooth digital zoom, please refer to the Quick Menu Functions section.
  6. After use, turn the device off by a long press of the ON/OFF (11) button.

Warning! Never point the lens at intensive energy sources such as laser radiation emitting devices or the sun. It can damage electronic components in the device. The warranty does not cover damage arising from failure to comply with operating instructions.