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Krypton FXG
Krypton FXG

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Display Calibration

The attachment is configured so that after fitting onto an riflescope that had been properly zeroed, no adjustment of the aiming point is required. Yet if point of impact change is observed after putting on the attachment, you can fix it with display calibration procedure.



  1. To enter display calibration mode, first press and hold the MENU (7) button for 10 seconds.
  2. The display coordinates X=0; Y=0 will appear.
  3. Use the LEFT (8)/RIGHT (6) buttons to move the display horizontally (X axis) and vertically (Y axis) so that the point of impact moves to the centre of the riflescope reticle.
  4. Press the MENU (7) button to toggle between the X and Y coordinates.
  5. The image offset range is +/- 30 pixels horizontally (X axis), +/- 30 pixels vertically (Y axis).
  6. To exit the menu and save the settings, press and hold the MENU (7) button for two seconds.