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Monocular Pulsar 3x20 B


Pulsar 3x20 B

Transform your thermal clip-on into a compact hand-held observation device

The Pulsar 3x20 B monocular converts the Krypton and Proton thermal imaging front attachments into an observation device with 3x magnification by means of bayonet connector.



Quick-release bayonet coupling of monocular and attachment

Quick-release bayonet coupling of monocular and attachment

The monocular is connected to the thermal imaging attachment using a bayonet assembly. The bayonet coupling features high reliability and rapid attachment speed. The thermal imaging attachment can be removed from the adapter in front of the optical riflescope and transformed into a thermal imager in seconds with no need for any tools, just the Pulsar 3x20B monocular. The reverse is just as fast.

Accurate positioning of the screen of the attachment within the field of view

Accurate positioning of the screen of the attachment within the field of view

The dedicated mechanical part will help you adjust the position of the screen of the attachment using Pulsar 3x20B monocular’s field of view. Now the observation is complete, informative and smooth.

Comfort magnification

The monocular provides an optimal 3x magnification for field observation when used together with a thermal imaging attachment. The optical scheme of the 3x20 B monocular guarantees total diagonal visibility with the Proton and Krypton displays returning wide-ranging information during observation.



The Pulsar 3x20 B monocular weighs less than 100 grams – the hunter gets a full-fledged thermal imager at a sensible weight.

Pulsar Single-point neck strap supplied

The neck strap makes it easy to use the monocular and attachment in the field together. The strap protects the optical devices against accidental falls and makes long-term wear comfortable and easy.


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