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Trail LRF
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Thermal Imaging Sights


Nuo šiol su integruotu lazeriniu tolimačiu

Built on the proven Pulsar thermal platform, the Trail LRF is designed to offer more opportunities to the user



Produkto prieinamumas svetainėje yra skirtas tik rinkodaros tikslams ir negarantuoja / nereiškia, kad jūsų šalyje prietaisą galima naudoti / parduoti / užsisakyti / kitais tikslais. Šiems gaminiams reikalinga speciali licencija ir jie netgi gali būti uždrausti pagal vietinius įstatymus.

Integrated Laser Rangefinder

Precision shooting begins with knowing the distance to your target. The Trail LRF features an integrated laser rangefinder capable of capturing and displaying target distances accurately, within ±1 m, up to 1000 meters. The laser rangefinder can take measurements in two modes: Single Time Measurement and Scanning. Scanning mode allows the shooter to adjust quickly to changing distances for better shot placement.







High Resolution 640x480

The high 640x480 pixel resolution (XP models) ensures even the smallest differences in temperature are detected and the slightest details of important object attributes, i.e. branches, leaves, body extremities of an animal, appear exceptionally crisp and clear.










Pulsar’s proprietary Image Boost Technology is comprised of software algorithms

designed to increase imaging clarity and overall image detail. Image Boost results in a sharper, more detailed field of view and enhanced object identifcation capabilities

* available in the Trail LRF XP line

Detects up to 1800 Meters Away

Depending on model, Trail thermal imaging riflescopes detect big-game-size heat signatures up to 1800 meters away.





Built-In Video & Sound Recording

Capturing still images and video is seamless with the Trail’s built-in video recorder. Image and video content is stored internally and can be easily transferred to PC/laptop via wired connection or Wi-Fi. The video recorder can be set to a recoil-activated capture mode just in case the shooter forgets to press the REC button in the excitement of the moment.

High Recoil Resistance Rating: 12 Gauge, 9.3x64, .375H&H Shock Resistance

As an element of manufacturing, the Trail LRF and accoutrements are subjected to rigorous testing and proven to withstand recoil energy up to 6000 Joules. Testing is performed specifically so hunters and shooters know they can depend on their equipment, even on high-caliber firearms.

„Picture-in-Picture“ režimas

Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. With only 1/10 of the display area reserved for PiP, the field of view remains virtually unobstructed for simultaneous PiP and FOV viewing.

B-Pack Power Supply

Trail includes a progressive autonomous B-Pack power supply consisting of a quick-detach, rechargeable IPS5, 5 A-h battery pack designed to deliver up to 8 hrs. of operation on maximum mode. Higher-powered IPS10 battery packs, as well as 3xAA battery cases, also are available and provide a perfect off-the-grid power solution.

Fully Waterproof

IPX7 waterproof-rated protection ensures the Trail performs perfectly in wet weather, even during intense rain, snowfall and submersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes (IEC 60529).

Tiesioginis vaizdo dalijimasis per internetą

The free Stream Vision App, compatible with both Android and iOS systems, allows users to connect personal smartphones and tablets to Trail riflescopes featuring onboard Wi-Fi. When connected, Stream Vision allows users to stream video and images in real time to YouTube, transfer files, update important firmware and control the optic remotely.

Wide Range of Operation Temperatures

With a frost-resistant AMOLED display, the Trail thermal imaging riflescopes are designed to deliver flawless performance at an extreme temperature range of -25°C + 50°C.

3 Zeroing Profiles / 15 Distances

Introducing windage and elevation corrections for various distances and environments is standard practice. The Trail’s memory allows adjustment profiles to be saved so they can used again when required. The Trail stores up to 3 zeroing profiles, with up to 5 coordinates each for multiple firearms, ammunition types and distances.




Daugiau funkcijų

Variable Magnification

Incremental zoom is a perfect solution to quick, on-the-fly zooming. When time is not a limiting factor but slight details are, the device’s smooth zoom helps establish the perfect combination of magnification and field of view.

High Image Frequency

High Image frequency is important when shooting at moving targets. A high refresh rates ensures motion is fluid and in real-time, allowing more accurate speed assessment and shot placement. 

Ekranas išjungtas

During short periods of inactivity and better concealment, Display Off powers down the display without interrupting other operating functions. Using Display Off means a much faster restart time when you need it most.

Selectable Reticle

A full complement of digitally displayed reticle solutions ensures quick target acquisition and a richly contrasting sight picture. Choose from an array of reticle patterns, colors and brightness settings.

Effective Temperature Sensor Stabilization

A heat sink, located on the device's body, effectively prevents heat build-up from the sensor and other components while also significantly reducing temperature and noise sensitivity, especially between calibrations.

Built-In Accelerometer/Gyroscope

A built-in accelerometer/gyroscope improves accuracy by precisely identifying cant and angles greater than 5° with an arrow indicating the direction and degree of lateral tilting. Moreover, the riflescope can be set to auto shutdown when resting in a non-shooting position. Unit operation may be disabled when the vertical angle is greater than 70° or horizontal angle is greater than 30°. 

User-Friendly Interface

The Trail is designed with ease-of-operation in mind. User feedback has resulted in the most friendly interface to date, complete with an easy-to-read, icon-driven, alpha-numeric status bar at the bottom of the display. Internal menu items and options are also displayed on a contrasting gradient substrate so you can keep an eye on settings without losing sight of your objective.


Trail LRF riflescopes are compatible with the following rifle mounts:

Weaver U Mount 

Weaver USQD Mount

Weaver LQD Mount

Weaver Mount

Weaver QD112 Mount

Weaver SQD MountSide Mount

CZ550 Mount

Los/ Dovetail Mount

MAK Adapter

Prism 14/200 Mount

Techninės specifikacijos

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APS baterijų įkroviklis

Skirtas įkrauti APS 2, APS 3 ir APS3 baterijas.

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IPS matinimo šaltiniai

Keičiamų standartinių maitinimo šaltinių rinkinys „Trail“ / „Helion“ / „Accolade“ / „Digisight Ultra“ / „Forward F“ / „Krypton“ / „Lexion“ prietaisams.

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PULSAR PB8I išorinis akumuliatorius

Išorinis akumuliatorius Pulsar PB8I skirtas pratęsti „Pulsar“ prietaisų, turinčių microUSB tipo jungtį („Trail“ / „Helion“ / „Digisight Ultra“), veikimo trukmę.

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Belaidis nuotolinio valdymo pultelis

„Pulsar“ belaidis nuotolinio valdymo pultas yra skirtas nuotoliniu būdu valdyti įrenginio pasirinktas funkcijas ir naršyti jo meniu.

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Stovas telefonui HELION FLIP-UP

Stovas telefonui „Helion Flip-Up“ skirtas pritvirtinti išmanųjį telefoną prie termovizorinio monokuliaro „Helion“. Perduodant vaizdą iš „Helion“ belaidžiu ryšiu, išmanusis telefonas veikia kaip išorinis termovizorinio monokuliaro ekranas. Stovas telefonui gali būti pakreipiamas įvairiu kampu, jį galima sulenkti, kad būtų patogiau transportuoti.

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