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Merger Duo NXP50: uncover the night

Ever wondered what’s it like to see through the night with the best both thermal and digital technologies have to offer? With the Merger Duo NXP50, the new and first in class multispectral binoculars by Pulsar, you’ll be able to uncover the night scenes like never before despite ever-changing weather conditions.

Merging for best results

Delivered in a classic ergonomic body like the whole Merger line, the Merger Duo NXP50 multispectral binoculars are designed for those who require more than only a great thermal image. To explain the versatility of this device let’s put it this way:

  • Detect the target through the thermal channel.
  • Evaluate the peculiarities of the animal and its surroundings through the digital one.
  • Use the Picture-in-picture mode to have both options displayed before your eyes.

Confident detection from afar

A top-class thermal channel features a highly sensitive 640x480 pixel resolution, 17-microns pixel pitch European-made Lynred sensor. It is ideal for spotting the target even from greater distances under any weather conditions.

Uncover the layers of information

The digital channel offers ultra-low-light full-HD digital night vision. With its extremely sensitive sensor, you will be able to clearly identify the key features and trophy qualities of the animal. Up to the smallest detail!

Additionally, the Merger Duo NXP50 comes with an attachable invisible 940 nm IR illuminator with adjustable spot positioning. It increases the image detail in the digital channel during a pitch-black night.

Designed for long dark nights

The Merger Duo NXP50 binoculars feature outstanding detection capabilities. Due to the high-quality optics and sensitive sensor, these binoculars can detect a 1.8 m high object at an 1800-meter distance in complete darkness.

The binoculars are powered by two rechargeable batteries: one built-in and one replaceable. You’ll be able to hunt for up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. The dual battery system allows for quick and confident replacing of a flat battery with a new one even in complete darkness.

The comfort of movement

For the ultimate hunter’s comfort, Pulsar has designed an ergonomic and functional carrying case. Stylish on the outside, the Merger Duo NXP50 case is user-friendly and comfortable to carry when moving around in the forest, bending, or aiming.

The system of optimal belt positioning distributes the device weight on the hunter’s body, taking the load off the shoulder, back and neck. It can also be attached to the waist belt equipped with a modular Molle system, including backpacks and webbed gears. It allows you to feel comfortable and move fast.

Technical specifications:

Sensors: 640x480 @ 17 µm (thermal), extra low-light Full-HD (digital night)

Viewing modes: thermal, digital, combined

Battery life: up to 10 hours

IR illuminator wavelength: 940 nm

To find out more about the Merger Duo NXP50, please visit this link.



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