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Merger LRF
Merger LRF

Table of contents

Status Bar

The status bar is at the bottom of the image and shows information on the actual operating status of the device, including:

1. Colour Mode:

- White hot

- Black hot

2. Amplification level (e.g., Normal)

3. Smoothing Filter (displayed when the function is on)

4. Calibration mode (a countdown timer will appear instead of the calibration icon when in automatic calibration mode with 5 seconds remaining until automatic calibration)

5. Microphone

6. Current magnification

7. Wi-Fi connection

8. Clock

9. Power supply:

  • Battery discharge level  (when riflescope is powered by a built-in or removable battery).
  • External battery power indicator (if the riflescope is powered by an external power supply).
  • Battery indicator with current percentage of charge (when charging from an external power source).
  • Battery indicator shows a low battery charge
  • Battery indicator shows a low internal battery charge