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Game changing Pulsar news at IWA OutdoorClassics 2024

Proving to be the European leader of innovation in thermal imaging technology, Pulsar will introduce several groundbreaking news at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • The entire range of Pulsar HD resolution sensors, including riflescopes, binoculars, and handhelds.
  • A new addition to the multispectral devices line uncovers more layers of information.
  • The extension of Telos monocular line, a new Pulsar concept of upgradeable thermal devices.
  • A new firmware update enabling ballistic calculation in Pulsar’s non-LRF riflescopes.

Merger Duo NXP50: uncover the night

The newest addition to the multispectral line, the Merger Duo NXP50 binoculars are unbeatable when identifying a target and uncovering layers of information.

A smart choice for those who want to own the best of what thermal and night vision have to offer. Two separate channels and lots of possibilities.

  • Thermal channel: an extremely sensitive 640x480 pixel resolution @ 17 microns (NETD <25 mK) European-made Lynred sensor. Ideal for detecting a target in any weather conditions from short to great distances.
  • Digital channel: ultra-low-light, full-HD night vision. Incredibly high definition and detailed image of the target and terrain from the 1920x1200 pixel resolution sensor.
  • Combined viewing mode: both channels displayed on the screen at the same time using the Picture-in-picture mode.
  • Detachable invisible IR illuminator with adjustable spot positioning. A life saver on a pitch-black night.

Merger LRF XP35: compact thermal binoculars with wide field of view

Pulsar is also extending the Merger thermal binoculars line introducing a compact version of the Merger LRF XP35. It features the widest field of view in the category and an extremely sensitive thermal imaging sensor.

This ergonomic, compact and lightweight model with a staggering 17.8° FOV allows for comfortably scanning vast areas with two eyes, maintaining awareness of the terrain without eye fatigue.

The Merger LRF XP35 is equipped with Pulsar’s signature European-made Lynred sensor with NETD <25 mK. This guarantees superb quality and a highly detailed image even in adverse conditions.

The new model comes with a built-in laser rangefinder measuring distances of up to 1 km. The detection range of the binoculars is up to 1350 metres for a quick and error-free assessment of the situation.

Telos: future-proof performance

One of the most highly anticipated announcements from Pulsar is the extension of the Telos line, the most exciting devices in the brand’s history. With the recent addition of the XL sensor, Pulsar now covers the entire HD family including binoculars, riflescopes and monoculars.

  • The flagship of the family is the Telos LRF XL50 (and its version without the LRF) featuring the first Pulsar HD resolution thermal sensor. This premium-quality and most versatile unit has a wide field of view and brilliant image quality which remains excellent even on high magnification levels. Ideal for both close and long-range observation. The start of sales of the Telos XL model is June 2024.
  • Telos LRF XG50 and Telos XG50 are distinct for their high optical magnification. Ideal for long range spotting of small game in dry weather and low humidity conditions.
  • The compact Telos LRF XQ35 and Telos XQ35 feature excellent thermal sensitivity due to the sensor’s NETD <25 mK. Excellent price to quality ratio.
  • The previously released Telos LRF XP50 posseses best-in-class thermal sensitivity with sensor NETD <18 mK. Best performance in unfavorable weather conditions.

All new Telos models have their own specs, sizes, and power differences. But they all share premium design, excellent image quality and the unique concept of upgradeability.

Telos is the first Pulsar device to offer a technical hardware upgrade. Plus, it is the first brand on the market to introduce such a service.

The upgradeability project is in the pipeline and will be launched later this year. More news coming soon.

Thermion 2 LRF XL50: new premium standard

Next is the first Pulsar premium-class riflescope, the Thermion 2 LRF XL50, featuring an HD thermal imaging sensor.

This riflescope stands out from the crowd primarily with its revolutionary HD thermal image quality and powerful sensor capabilities.

The HD sensor resolution keeps great image quality even on high zoom levels. It’s perfect for shooting from long distances and for situation awareness with a wide field of view.

The premium quality image generated with the new 1024x768 pixel resolution European-made Lynred sensor is crystal clear and features high definition and rich detail. This makes the Thermion 2 LRF XL50 unbeatable for trophy identification.

Plus, shooting on longer ranges or smaller targets is even more efficient with internal ballistic calculations via the Stream Vision Ballistics mobile application.

Ballistic calculation in non-LRF riflescopes

More exciting news for the modern riflescope users. Pulsar is introducing a new firmware update that will enable ballistic calculations in riflescopes without the laser rangefinder.

After releasing several new ballistic updates for LRF riflescopes, Pulsar has now prepared a real gamechanger. With the recent FW update the brand is enabling internal ballistic calculations for riflescopes without the LRF.

Simply update your scope and use the manual distance settings available in the short menu bar. The suggested point of aim will be displayed on your scope’s screen. Enjoy the new standard of modern hunting!

Axion XQ30 Pro: compact and more powerful

Finally, great news from the entry level section. It’s the Axion XQ30 Pro thermal imaging monocular, an upgraded replacement for the popular Axion XM30F model.

This pocket-sized monocular is the most compact model in the Pulsar product line.

It comes at the same price level as its predecessor, equipped with a larger and more sensitive European-made Lynred sensor with NETD <25 mK. The powerful sensor generates a detailed and informative thermal image for your outdoor adventures.

We invite you to visit the Pulsar stand at IWA OutdoorClassics 2024 and test all the new devices firsthand. See you in Nuremberg!