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Export and Sales Restriction Policy

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide adheres to a strict Export and Sales Restriction Policy based on which the solutions and products it develops, and manufactures are intended for civilian use ONLY.

The Company does not develop solutions and/or products for the military industry, does not provide them for military applications, and none of the Company's products meet military standards.

Any supply and/or use of the Company's products for military purposes is prohibited and may lead to legal prosecution.

Most of the Company’s digital and thermal devices, especially riflescopes, are sold under a special export control license, which means the movement of such products from one country to another is restricted, even within the European Union. This provision is included in all the Company’s product manuals.

The range of products manufactured under the Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar brands is wide and comprises goods which require export control. The European Union maintains and publishes lists of items which fall under these controls and cannot be shipped outside the country of disposition without an export license.

The categories of products that require an export license are the following (the Company is aware that these categories may vary in different countries):

  1. Night Vision Riflescopes (tube-based, digital and thermal)
  2. Optical Sights
  3. Night Vision Front Attachments (digital and thermal)
  4. Thermal Imaging Scopes and Binoculars
  5. Thermal imaging monoculars and binoculars (when exported outside the EU or country of disposition (non-EU countries))

For the sale, transfer, transportation, or shipment of any export sensitive product outside your country, please contact your local authorities to get more detailed information based on both EU and national legislation. The local distributors of the Company are ready to assist in obtaining the necessary information.

The Company strictly adheres to the policy of trade restrictions and does not trade its solutions and/or products in countries included on sanctions lists or where military conflicts are taking place.