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From now, the new version of a mobile app Stream Vision – Stream Vision 2, used with Pulsar and Yukon electro-optic devices, will enable its users to control their device remotely. With Stream Vision 2, users will take full control of their thermal imaging or digital night vision units when paired with an Android or iOS device through their Wi-Fi connection. They will be able to use a phone or a tablet as a file viewer, viewfinder, and remote controller to change the settings and update the firmware of their Pulsar or Yukon device.

Updated user interface

Stream Vision 2 has a completely revamped user interface. It now offers a significantly more modern user experience, both in looks and ease of use. Users who register their device will also get access to Stream Vision 2 Cloud which offers free storage for photos and videos.

This update is important to many users of Pulsar products, especially those planning to use the devices in a more creative manner. For example, one person can use electro-optic device, while another can monitor what is being viewed by the colleague using a smart device. One of the optical devices can be attached near animal feeding sites, allowing to watch the action in real-time right on one’s smart device. All photos and videos can be stored on cloud and shared on social networks.

Up to date on news and innovations

Pulsar, part of the Yukon company group, is world leader in innovation within the market of optics, and the company constantly encourages its users to keep up with the news and continued innovations. The new Stream Vision 2 application will not only allow to update the firmware of these devices with just a few touches, thus improving their functionality, but will also make it possible to easily follow the news in the optics market.

The updated Stream Vision 2 app is available for downloading from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store today.

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