Stream Vision
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Stream Vision

Stream Vision - mobile application developed for hunters, professional sport shooters, forestry and conservation organizations, security professionals, life-rescue teams and outdoor enthusiasts by Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide.


Mobile viewfinder

Stream Vision Application turns your smartphone or tablet into a mobile viewfinder. Image captured by digital night vision or thermal imaging device can be transmitted live to the screen of smartphone or tablet.

Photo and Video recording

Photo and Video recording in the device can be initialized via smartphone without distraction from the observation process. The files can be recorded either to the internal memory of the connected unit or directly to the smartphone or tablet.

Remote control

Stream Vision turns the smartphone into a fully functional remote control that helps to adjust settings of connected thermal imaging or digital night vision units.











Firmware update

Stream Vision helps to check availability of the new firmware for registered in the app devices. It also helps install firmware update for thermal imaging or digital night vision devices when they are connected to smartphone or tablet.

File sharing

Stream Vision application lets the user share recorded photos and videos. Recorded files can be downloaded from digital night vision or thermal imaging device to smartphone and shared with friends via online messengers or cloud services.









Motion detection

Smartphone in combination with thermal imaging or digital night vision device can be used as a motion detecting security camera. Connected thermal or night vision unit has to be fixed stably and pointed at the expected action location. If the motion is detected in the field of view of the unit, the smartphone will signal the user with sound, vibration and graphics on the screen. Sensitivity setting helps to avoid false alarms.


Ballistic calculator

With its fully functional ballistic calculator Stream vision application is a powerful tool for professional long range sports shooters. Ballistic calculator allows to calculate corrections for aiming depending on cartridge parameters, distance to target, elevation angle, weather conditions – air pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction. Calculator possesses preset continuously updated ammo data base. It allows to own ammo, create and save own ballistic profiles for various riflescope, rifles and cartridges. For calculations of corrections the app uses proprietary high-precision algorithms developed by skilled professionals.

More Features

Livestream platform

Video signal from digital night vision or thermal imaging device can be livestreamed to YouTube or Facebook account via smartphone. The users can make live video streams directly from thermal imaging or digital night vision unit.

Free of charge

Stream Vision Application is completely free – we believe that our customers have the right to think of it as of the logic integral functional extension of the device.

No ads

Stream Vision does not contain any content that distracts from application work flow – we understand that most of the customers use application in situations requiring attention and concentration.

Continuous improvement

We constantly refine firmware of our electro-optic devices. Owner of digital night vision unit or Pulsar thermal imager, that are compatible with Stream Vision can always add new features to the unit.  


It’s not necessary to be an owner of Pulsar or Yukon product to use the app. Ballistic calculator do not require connection with the optic device.