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Pulsar PSP-V adapter – one for the many

The versatile Pulsar PSP-V weaver rail adapter is ideal for a wide range of hunting and sporting rifles. Easily mount your Krypton and Proton front end attachments on the lenses of daytime scopes of various sizes and red dot sight optical devices with this adapter from Pulsar.  

Universal use

The PSP-V adapter is a universal tool suitable for many kinds of riflescopes.

It’s designed for mounting thermal imaging attachments, such as the Pulsar Proton and the Krypton FXG50, on the optical riflescope lenses of various hunting and sporting weapons with Weaver/Picatinny rails – including those based on MSR (modern sporting rifles).

Due to the adapter, thermal attachment and the daytime scope are mounted separately on the gun, this results in improved weight distribution without putting any strain on the daytime optics.

Fine positioning

The PSP-V adapter is designed to fix your thermal imaging attachment quickly and securely on the front of an optical riflescope using a threaded connection. It is attached to the

Weaver/Picatinny rail with a reliable lever-type clamp.

The design of the adapter enables adjusting the clip-on’s height to better match its optical axes for daytime optics. The precise positioning mechanism enables perfect alignment of a thermal image in the daylight optics field of view to achieve maximum viewing comfort and information value.

Smart protection

A protective silicone lens hood is mounted on the rear of the adapter facing the daytime riflescope. When used in daylight, at sunset or sunrise, the lens hood protects the daytime riflescope lens from ambient illumination and protects it from flares. When used in the rain or snow, it protects the eyepiece lens of the thermal imaging attachment and the riflescope.

High-grade operational reliability

The PSP-V adapter uses steel and aluminium components. The adapter offers high operational reliability and durability with the convenience of being low weight. The PSP-V adapter is designed for long-term and intensive use with large-calibre hunting weapons.