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Forward FN455S
Forward FN455S

Table of contents

Wi-Fi Function

The device has a function for wireless communication with external devices (smartphone or tablet) via Wi-Fi.

  • Turn on the wireless connection module with a long press of the LEFT (8) button.

Wireless operation is displayed in the status bar in the following:

Connection Status

Indication on the status bar

Wi-Fi disconnected

No icon

Wi-Fi turned on by the user, Wi-Fi connection in the device is in progress

Wi-Fi turned on, no connection to the device

Wi-Fi turned on, the device is connected

  • The device is recognised by a mobile device under the label “Forward F_XXXX”, where XXXX are the four last digits of the serial number.
  • Once the password has been entered on the mobile device (for more information on setting a password, see the Password Setup subsection in the Wi-Fi Settings section) and the connection has been established, the icon in the status bar changes to , the video signal on the mobile device screen starts after the “viewfinder” button is activated on the screen of the mobile device. The icon in the status bar changes to .

Note: you can configure the required access level to your device that is granted to the Stream Vision application in the Access Level Setup subsection in the Wi-Fi Settings menu section.