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Stream Vision Ballistics for iOS
Stream Vision Ballistics for iOS

Table of contents

Getting Started

1. Install the Stream Vision Ballistics app from the AppStore.

2. Go to the Profiles tab.

3. Create a ballistic profile for your riflescope, ammunition and zeroing distance. Make sure that “Ballistic parameters” switch is on. Adjust ballistic parameters on your ammo. If your ammo is not on the list, you can enter its parameters manually. The more parameters you specify, the more accurate the recommended point of aiming will be.

4. Adjust the temperature, pressure and humidity of the environment while zeroing.

5. Enter a profile name and click "Save".

6. Connect your riflescope to your smartphone using Bluetooth. First, make sure that your riflescope has the latest firmware version 3.0 or higher installed.

7. Load the profile onto the riflescope.

To do this, go to the "Devices" tab –> Select your riflescope –> "All device profiles" -> click next to the standard (A, B, C, etc.) profile you want to replace and select your ballistic profile from the appearing list.

8. Set the status to "Active" for the ballistic profile. To do this, click on the button next to the desired profile, or select it in the profile selection menu in the riflescope.

9. Make sure that the Ballistic Activation option is enabled in the riflescope's Ballistics  menu.

10. Briefly press the LRF button to activate the rangefinder in the riflescope.

11. Point the rangefinder reticle at the object and press the LRF button. The screen will display the recommended aiming point and correction values in the upper right corner.

12. To manually adjust the SPOA of the ballistic calculator, select the desired distance in the quick menu:

  • Press the controller/MENU button briefly to enter the quick menu.
  • Briefly press the controller/MENU button to select .
  • Rotate the controller ring to select the desired distance. The SPOA mark  will shift based on the selected distance.
  • Press and hold the controller/MENU button to exit the menu or wait 10 seconds to exit automatically.

13. Check the accuracy of your profile settings with a test shot at the shooting range.

Note: profiles for different types of ammunition must be zeroed separately. 

14. To activate the use of weather data in your geolocation while shooting, go to the "Devices" tab -> Select your riflescope -> Select "Set outdoor".

Notes: in the Ballistics  section of the main menu, you can configure the following settings of the ballistic calculator:

  • Screen position of the measured distance value
  • Turn on/off the ballistic calculator
  • Correction units
  • Reticle type and color for suggested point of aiming.