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SumLight™ Function


Available in digital and Fusion modes

The SumLight™ function substantially increases the sensitivity of the digital channel sensor in the event of a reduction in the light level, thus enabling observation in conditions of low light without using the IR illuminator.

  1. To activate the SumLight™ function, press and hold the DOWN (5) button.
  2. Press and hold the DOWN (5) button once more to switch off.
  3. The SumLight™ icon (on or off ) is displayed in the status bar.

Attention! When the SumLight™ function is activated, the noise level in the image increases, the frame rate decreases and the image slows down. Any sharp movement of the binoculars may cause the image to become “blurred”. Such effects are not defects. Luminous white dots (pixels) may be visible on the image. The number of dots may increase when the SumLight™ function is enabled. This is due to the peculiarities of this function and is also not a defect.