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Forward F455
Forward F455

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Descriptions of Controls

(Bought separately)

The wireless remote control duplicates the functions of turning off the device, turning off the display, controlling the IR illuminator, video recording and photographing, and it allows navigation through the menu.


Controller (32)

Button (33)

Button (34)

Button (35)

Short press

Enter the quick menu and submenus of the main menu / confirm the selection / Switch to the next item of the quick menu

Turn the display on

Turn on the IR illuminator /
Switch the IR power level

Start video recording / Capture a photo

Long press

Enter/exit the main menu / Exit the quick menu

Turn the display off / Turn the device off

Turn off the IR illuminator

Switch to photo/video mode

Clockwise rotation

Quick menu

Increase parameter

Main menu

Navigate downwards/clockwise

Counter-clockwise rotation

Quick menu

Decrease parameter

Main menu

Navigate upwards/counterclockwise