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Forward F455
Forward F455

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External Power Supply

External power is supplied from an external source, such as a 5V Power Bank.

  1. Attach the external power source to the USB connector (14) on the device.
  2. The device will switch to operation from the external power supply, while the IPS7 battery will be gradually recharged.
  3. A battery icon  will appear on the display showing charge level as a percentage.
  4. If the device is connected to a computer, network adapter or power bank that does not conform to the BC1.0 battery charger standard, an IPS7 battery will not begin charging: the external power icon only will be displayed .
  5. If the device is operated from an external power source and the IPS7 battery is not connected, an icon is displayed.
  6. Once the external power source is disconnected, the adapter will begin functioning on battery power.

Attention! Charging Power Bank IPS7 batteries at air temperatures below 0 °C can result in reduced battery life. When using external power, connect Power Bank to the switched-on device, which have worked for several minutes.