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Forward FN455S
Forward FN455S

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Installing Pulsar 5x30 Monocular on to the Digital Module

The Pulsar 5x30 monocular (included in the package) enables you to transform a digital module into a digital vision device for night-time observation with a magnification of 5x.

  1. Insert the monocular tightly into the digital module as far as it will go so that the pins on the monocular body (A) fit into the slots (B) of the digital module (see Fig.).
  2. Turn the monocular anticlockwise so that the monocular is fixed onto the digital module. The triangular mark on the digital module and the square on the monocular body must be aligned.
  3. To remove the monocular, turn it clockwise and gently pull it towards you.

Note: the neck strap (included in the delivery package) can be used with the monocular.