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PSP-B Ring Adapter
PSP-B Ring Adapter

Table of contents

Mounting the Adapter on the Device

Step 1. Pick up an insert

1. Select the Ring Adapter (2) with the insert (6) of the desired diameter depending on the outer diameter of the lens of your optical device (7) (see table).

2. The designation 42 mm / 50 mm / 56 mm in the name of the adapter means the lens diameter of the optical device.

Step 2. Install the insert into the adapter

1. Apply 2-3 strips of double-sided tape to the outer surface of the insert of your choice (6).

2. Push the insert (6) of your choice into the Ring Adapter (2) until it stops.

Step 3. Mount the adapter on the optical device

1. Move the lever (5) to the OPEN position .

2. Before installing the Ring Adapter (2) onto the optical device, it is recommended to degrease the lens body of the optical device (7).

3. Mount the Ring Adapter (2) with the insert (6) onto the lens of the daylight optical device (7) as far as it will go.

Step 4. Adjust adapter lever

1. Move the lever (5) from its initial OPEN  position to the CLOSE .

2. Loosen the locking screw (4) with a 2mm Allen key.

3. Tighten the screw (3) with an Allen key (S = 4mm). The clamping force should be 1.5-2 Nm (13.3-17.7 in-lbs) (use a torque screwdriver) to ensure the lever (5) is correctly tightened, while the Ring Adapter should not move relative to the body of the optical device (7). If necessary, tighten or loosen the screw (3) to operate the lever (5) in the best way possible.

4. Tighten the locking screw (4) as far as it will go