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PSP-B Ring Adapter
PSP-B Ring Adapter

Table of contents

Mounting the Thermal Imaging Module on the Adapter

Step 1. Mount the thermal imaging module on the adapter

1. Remove the protective cover from the eyepiece of the thermal imaging module.

2. Align the protrusions on the adapter (2) with the grooves of the mount assembly (1) of the thermal imaging module and turn the thermal imaging module counterclockwise as far as it will go.

Step 2. Adjust the display position of the thermal imaging module

1. Loosen the screw (8) with an Allen key (S = 4mm).

2. Turn on the thermal imaging module.

3. Align the image center on the display with the image center of the optical device by tilting the thermal imaging module.

4. Tighten the screw (8) as far as it will go. The clamping force should be 5 N·m (44.3 in-lbs) (use the torque screwdriver to check).

5. Move the lever (5) to the OPEN position .

6. Align top and bottom display boundaries parallel to the horizontal axis by turning the adapter with thermal imaging module clockwise or counterclockwise.

7. Move the lever (5) to the CLOSE position .