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Stream Vision 2 for Android
Stream Vision 2 for Android

Table of contents

How to watch recorded photos and videos

Using a computer

1. Turn on the device.

2. Connect the device to the computer with a USB cable.

3. Select the "Memory card" mode in the window that appears on the device screen.

4. The device's memory card will appear in your computer's file manager as an external USB drive.

5. Go to the device's USB storage folder to view files or move them to the computer's memory.

Attention! Do not disconnect the device from USB during file transfer.

Using a smartphone

1. Install the Stream Vision 2.

2. Turn on the device

3. Connect your smartphone to the device using the Stream Vision 2 app.

4. Go to the "Device" tab -> "Device gallery" menu.

5. Select the photo or video you want to download with a long press. Click  to download files to your mobile device.

6. Go to the "Gallery" tab to view the downloaded files