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Stream Vision 2 for Android
Stream Vision 2 for Android

Table of contents

How to control your optical device using a mobile device

Step 1

Tap “Viewfinder”. In the “Viewfinder”, you can see the live broadcasted image from the device, change your device’s image settings, turn on video recording and take photos.

Step 2

Tap Settings icon  in the top right corner to change other settings of your optical device, it will open Settings tab.

Step 3

Motion detection function

To track moving objects in the field of view of the device, briefly press the switch next to the “Motion detection” item to the position . Moving objects will be indicated by a blue frame.

Below you can adjust feature settings:

  • Select sensitivity level of motion detection.
  • Enable automatic passive mode at set time intervals. In passive mode the screen is locked to avoid accidental exit from the application.
  • Enable/disable vibro or sound notifications.
  • Automatically activate video recording when a moving object is detected.