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Krypton 2 FXQ/FXG
Krypton 2 FXQ/FXG

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Display-Off Function

This function darkens the screen, which aids the user’s concealment. However, the device stays on.

When this function is in use, the device switches to the standby mode, which allows it to be switched on instantly.

  1. When the device is on, press and hold the ON/OFF (8) button. The display will turn off, the current time and the "Display off" icon will appear.
  2. Turn the display back on with a short press of the ON/OFF (8) button.
  3. When you press and hold the ON/OFF (8) button, the display shows the "Display off" icon with a countdown. Pressing & holding the button down for the duration of the countdown will power the device off completely.