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Krypton 2 FXQ/FXG
Krypton 2 FXQ/FXG

Table of contents

Powering on and Image Settings

  1. Open the lens cover (1).
  2. Turn on the attachment by pressing the ON/OFF (8) button.
  3. If necessary, adjust the reticle sharpness according to the instructions for your riflescope.
  4. Rotate the lens focus knob (9) to focus on the visual target.
  5. Enter the main menu with a long press of the MENU (6) button and select the desired calibration mode: manual (M), semi-automatic (SA) or automatic (A).
  6. Calibrate the image by briefly pressing the ON/OFF (8) button. Close the lens cover when calibrating manually.
  7. Select the required amplification level (“Normal” , “High” , “Ultra” ) by briefly pressing the MODE (7) button.
  8. Activate the smoothing filter  in the main menu to improve the image as the amplification level increases.
  9. Select one of the colour palettes in the main menu.
  10. Activate the quick menu by briefly pressing the MENU (6) button to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display (for more details, see the Quick Menu section).
  11. At high optical magnification, interface elements may be partially or completely invisible. To change the size of the interface, press and hold the DOWN/MODE (7) button.
  12. Upon completion of use turn the device off by a long press of the ON/OFF (8) button.

Observation conditions: time of day, weather, type of observation objects affect the image quality. Custom settings for brightness, display contrast as well as the function of adjusting the microbolometer sensitivity level will help to achieve the desired quality in a particular situation.

Warning! Never point the lens at intensive energy sources such as laser radiation emitting devices or the sun. It can damage electronic components in the device. The warranty does not cover damage arising from failure to comply with operating instructions.