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Krypton 2 XQ/XG
Krypton 2 XQ/XG

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Display Alignment

Display Alignment

Before using the function, install the thermal imaging module on the optical device using the adapter.

1. Press and hold the MENU (6) button to enter the menu.

2. Select the Display Alignment option with the UP (5)/DOWN (7) buttons.

3. A short press of the MENU (6) button opens the menu section. An auxiliary cross will appear on the screen.

4. Loosen the fixing screw (14) on the adapter.

5. By tilting the thermal imaging module, align the center of the image in the eyepiece of the optical device with the auxiliary cross.

6. Tighten the fixing screw (14).

7. Exit the submenu with a long press of the MENU (6).