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Krypton 2 XQ/XG
Krypton 2 XQ/XG

Table of contents

Installing the Monocular on to the Thermal Imaging Module

The Pulsar 3x20 B monocular (23) allows you to transform the device into a hand-held thermal imager with 3x magnification.

1. Align the protrusions on the monocular (23) on the side of its lens with the grooves of the mount (18) of the thermal imaging module.

2. Turn the monocular clockwise to secure it on the thermal imaging module. The recommended position of the clamping screw (24) is at the bottom (see Figure).

3. Turn on the thermal imaging module by pressing the ON/OFF (8) button.

4. Adjust the eyepiece diopter ring (25) until the symbols in the display are sharp.

5. Loosen the screw (24) with an Allen key S3.

6. Align the display to the center of the image in the monocular by tilting the thermal imaging module in the required directions.

7. Lock the monocular in the chosen position by tightening the screw (24) until it stops (clamping force – 2.5 Nm/ 22.13 in-lbs).

8. To remove the monocular, turn it counterclockwise and disconnect from the thermal imaging module.