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Proton FXQ
Proton FXQ

Table of contents

Display Calibration

The thermal imaging attachment is configured so that after it is being mounted onto an riflescope that has been correctly configured, no adjustment of the aiming point is required. If your attachment has been subjected to hard blow or has been dropped, you may check the impact point and adjust it yourself if required, without having to return it to a service centre.



  1. Press and hold the controller button (8) for 10 seconds to enter the display calibration mode – the coordinates X=0; Y=0 will appear.
  2. Rotate the controller ring (8) to move the display horizontally (X axis) and vertically (Y axis) so that the point of impact moves to the centre of the aiming reticle of your riflescope.
  3. Press the controller button (8) briefly to toggle between the X and Y coordinates.
  4. The image shift range is +/-20 pixels for a horizontal axis (X axis) and +/-20 pixels for a vertical axis (Y axis).
  5. To exit the menu and save the settings, press and hold the controller button (8) for two seconds.