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Proton XQ
Proton XQ

Table of contents

Powering on and Image Setting

  1. Remove the lens cover (1).
  2. Press the ON/OFF (6) button to turn on the thermal imager.
  3. Adjust the eyepiece diopter ring of your daylight optical device until the symbols in the display are sharp. In future, it will not be necessary to adjust the eyepiece diopter, regardless of the distance and other conditions.
  4. Enter the main menu with a long press of the controller button (8) and select the desired calibration mode: manual (M), semi-automatic (SA) or automatic (A).
  5. Calibrate the image by briefly pressing the ON/OFF (6) button. Close the lens cover before manual calibration.
  6. Select the desired observation mode (Forest, Rocks, Identification or User) in the main menu. User mode allows you to configure and save custom brightness and contrast settings, as well as one of three modes as a base.
  7. Enter the main menu with a long press of the controller button (8) and select the desired color palette (see the Color Modes section).
  8. Activate the quick menu by briefly pressing the controller button (8) to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display (see the Quick Menu Functions section).
  9. Upon completion of use turn the device off by a long press of the ON/OFF (6) button.

Warning! Never point the lens at intensive energy sources such as laser radiation emitting devices or the sun. It can damage electronic components in the device. The warranty does not cover damage arising from failure to comply with the operating rules.