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Proton XQ
Proton XQ

Table of contents

Defective Pixel Repair

When using the device, defective (dead) pixels may appear on the microbolometer. These are bright or dark points of a constant brightness that are visible on the image.

Proton XQ30 thermal imagers allow the user to remove any defective pixels on the microbolometer using firmware as well as to cancel removing.

  1. Press and hold the controller button (8) to enter the main menu.
  2. Rotate the controller ring (8) to select the Defective Pixel Repair  icon.
  3. Press the controller button (8) to enter the submenu.
  4. Select the Defective Pixel Repair option by briefly pressing the controller button (8).
  5. A marker (H)  will appear on the left side of the display.
  6. A magnifying glass (G) will appear on the right side of the display – a rectangle with an enlarged view of the marker for precise pixel selection – and the coordinates (I) of the marker under the magnifying glass.
  7. Rotate the controller ring (8) to align a defective pixel with the center of the enlarged marker in the magnifying glass – the pixel should be removed.
  8. Press the controller button (8) briefly to switch the marker direction between the horizontal to the vertical.
  9. Press the ON/OFF (6) button briefly to delete the dead pixel.
  10. Once the pixel has been successfully deleted, an OK message will briefly appear on the screen.
  11. You can then delete the next defective pixel if required by moving the marker across the display.
  12. Press and hold the controller button (6) to exit the Defective Pixel Repair function.