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Digex C50
Digex C50

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The Digex C50 Digital riflescope is designed for round-the-clock use.

These riflescopes are designed for hunting, target shooting and recreational shooting, observation and orientation.

The riflescope supports day and night observation modes and colour and black and white images.

In deep twilight, when the human eye is already unable to discern details of observed objects, the Digex C50 displays a bright image with correct colour rendering, prolonging hunting time into the night.

In night conditions (absence of starlight, moonlight), it is recommended to use an infrared illuminator with an 850 nm or 940 nm wavelength.

To get started, see the sections:

Battery Charging

Battery Installation

Mounting on the Rifle

Powering on and Image Setting

How to Zero

Stream Vision 2

Ballistic Calculator