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Helion 2 XQ
Helion 2 XQ

Table of contents

Battery Charging

Helion 2 XQ thermal imaging scopes are supplied with a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS7 which allows operation for up to 9 hours. Please remember to charge the Battery Pack before first use.



Step 1. Install the battery into the charger

  1. Lift the lever (C) of the charger.
  2. Remove the protective cover from the Battery Pack.
  3. Insert the battery into the charger until it stops.
  4. Lower the lever (C).

Step 2. Сheck the current battery level

  • Upon installation, a green indicator (D) on the charger will start to glow and begin flashing:

- once if the battery charge level is from 0% to 50%;

- twice if the battery charge level is from 51 to 75%;

- three times if the battery charge level is from 76% to 99%.

  • If the indicator lights green continuously, the battery is fully charged. You can disconnect it from the charger.
  • If the indicator of the charger lights up red continuously upon battery installation, the battery charge level is probably lower than acceptable (the battery has been in deep discharge for too long). In this case, keep the battery in the charger for a long time (up to several hours), then remove and re-insert it.
  • If the indicator then starts blinking green, the battery is good.
  • If the indicator keeps lighting up red it's defective. Do not use the battery!

The LED indicator (D) will display the battery charge status:

LED Indicator

Battery Charge Status

Battery is empty

Battery is full

Step 3. Сonnect the charger to the mains supply

  1. To charge the battery, connect the micro-USB plug of the USB cable to port (E) of the charger.
  2. Connect the plug of the USB cable to the power adapter.
  3. Plug the power adapter into a 100 - 240 V socket and the battery charging process will start.