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Telos LRF
Telos LRF

Table of contents

Components and Controls

  1. Lens cover
  2. Laser rangefinder
  3. Lens focus ring
  4. Digital zoom adjustment ring
  5. Battery compartment
  6. LPS7i battery
  7. Battery compartment cover
  8. Battery protective cover
  9. ON/OFF/Calibration button
  10.  UP/REC button
  11.  MENU button
  12.  DOWN/LRF button
  13.  Eyepiece diopter adjustment ring
  14. Tripod adapter (available separately)
  15. Operation status LED indication
  16. Microphone
  17. USB Type-C connector
  18. LED indication of battery charge in the device

LED indicator (15) displays the current status of the device:

LED Indicator

Operating Mode

Device is turned on

The device is turned on/video recording

The device is turned on/battery charge < 10%

The device is turned on/video recording/battery charge < 10%