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Telos LRF
Telos LRF

Table of contents

Installing the Device on a Tripod


  1. Screw the tripod adapter (14) (purchased separately) onto the tripod mounting plate until it stops.
  2. Attach the mounting plate to the tripod.
  3. Install the Telos LRF device into the tripod adapter (14) so that the rangefinder lens aligns with the hole on the front of the tripod adapter (14).
  4. Turn the handle of the tripod adapter (14) to position .
  5. Level the Telos LRF horizontally and vertically using the tripod mounting plate.


  • The tripod adapter is not designed to be mounted on a vehicle.
  • When adapter is installed, the user can move the rear part of the device up.
  • When the adapter knob is moved to the closed position , the horizontal direction of the device may shift slightly.