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Thermion 2 XP50

The thermal imaging market is developing rapidly. This market segment does not seem affected by the economic difficulties of the previous year.  Technological developments in this field have advanced quickly and major manufacturers are chasing demand regardless of minor disruptions to logistics chains.
Pulsar, leader in thermal imaging for outdoor applications and professional hunting, continues to surprise the public with the latest products taking technology to the next level.
Constant improvement is the key to success and Pulsar understands the importance of this.

In February 2021, Pulsar released the THERMION 2 XP range – the new generation of its famous THERMION riflescopes with an unprecedented level of thermal sensitivity <25 milliKelvin. Switching to new thermal imaging sensors is a great leap forward for Pulsar in terms of image quality. No other manufacturers in the hunting market have reached such levels of thermal sensitivity in their sensors.

The heart of THERMION 2 is its thermal imaging sensor from Lynred USA with <25 mK thermal sensitivity and 640x480 pixel resolution (17 µm pixel pitch). To utilize its full potential Pulsar has developed a new fast aperture objective lens with F1.0 from pure germanium. The image processing software has also been optimized to match the new improved parameters.

With these major improvements, performance and image quality are significantly enhanced. Users are able visualize objects with small temperature differences more clearly with the riflescope. Image contrast is significantly improved without any increase in noise level. This means that landscapes, bushes, tree branches and grass will be distinctly visible even in cold weather. Antlers, animals and their smallest features are visualized in greater detail.

THERMION 2 retains all the best features from its predecessors. It has extensive functionality for adjusting image quality to any conditions with multiple modes and image enhancing algorithms. The unit possesses eight color modes (White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Red monochrome, Rainbow, Ultramarine, Violet, Sepia), four observation modes for scene optimization (Forest, Rocks, Identification, User defined mode), manual contrast and brightness adjustment and an Image Detail Boost feature for increased sharpness.

Variable zoom adds to the versatility of the unit. For Thermion 2 XP50 it ranges between 2.5–20x. There are two possible modes: full screen zooming and Picture-in-Picture mode.

The ballistic capabilities of Thermion 2 are also vast.  A set of 10 preloaded reticles includes ballistic reticles that can adjust subtentions to zoom level and normal reticles without ballistic marks. Multiple reticle colors are available. Zeroing can be performed in one of three different ways: One-shot zeroing, Zoom Zeroing and Freeze zeroing, or all three combined. Zeroing coordinates can be saved in the internal memory of the riflescope. To help save zeroing coordinates in an orderly fashion Pulsar introduced five zeroing profiles; each profile can store up to 10 zeroing coordinates. These are helpful for zeroing your scope to various ranges or if you use more than one type of ammo.

The riflescope is rigorously tested by the manufacturer to withstand high caliber recoils of up to 6000 Joules of muzzle energy. Each unit has to pass several recoil tests including a cycle of 50 shocks on a horizontal shock stand. Another test involves submerging the units into a water bath for a defined period of time to ensure compliance with IPX7 requirements.  After the testing routine the riflescopes are checked again by quality control and only after passing quality control can they be shipped to customers.

Video and photo recorder can record videos with sound to 16 GB internal memory. The files can later be downloaded to PC via the cable or to Android or iOS smartphone via WiFi. Thermion is supported by the Stream Vision app and has many features when paired with a Smartphone including direct image broadcasting to smartphone, checking and downloading files, and updating the riflescope firmware.

The battery system is another advantage of Thermion 2. It consists of two batteries: one internal, located inside the housing (non-removable) and an external battery located under the cap of the top turret (can be replaced). The two batteries can power 7 hours of non-stop work. With an additional replaceable battery, the hunter has 10 hours total use time.

Thermion 2 sets the new standard for commercial thermal imaging riflescopes. Improved thermal sensitivity and optics together with the best achievements of Pulsar in software engineering, once again demonstrate a high level of performance and prove Pulsar’s leading position in this field. Pushing technology to the limits, Pulsar is designed to offer only the best of its achievements. THERMION 2 is without a doubt the apex of progress in the pyramid of hunting tech.