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Night Vision Devices

Night vision scopes: see beyond the visible.

If you are looking for hunting opportunities in the darkness, a night vision scope is just the thing for you.

Primarily designed for hunting, a digital night vision scope by Pulsar will please you with image quality, range, and sensitivity. Here’s what you should know about it.

An infrared night vision scope, the Pulsar digital night monocular uses an IR illuminator with an invisible range that can be easily adjusted for your particular needs and surroundings.

Pulsar’s night vision scope achieves extremely high thermal sensitivity thanks to its cutting edge technological components, innovative proprietary software, modern signal processing algorithms and a powerful lens. 

Thanks to the high sensitivity, great quality display and sensor, the night vision spotting scope also guarantees an impressive detection range, reaching as far as 500 meters on a moonless night. On a night vision scope, the range is typically measured based on a large, about 1.8-meter tall quarry.

If you get a digital night vision scope from Pulsar, you will be pleased to know that it can also act as an attachment and thus turn your favorite daytime optics into a fully functioning nighttime device. Keep in mind that a night vision spotting scope can only be attached to a daylight spotting scope and binoculars. 

Most Pulsar devices come with a built-in photo and video recorder, and the night vision scope is no exception. Additionally, it comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to seven hours, but should you need more, you can always get one with a larger capacity.

Before you rush off to choose your night vision monocular, we highly recommend you check local regulations – not all countries allow hunting with them or with an infrared night vision scope, and we think it is absolutely crucial to respect local law. After all, we can all benefit more when we act ethically and responsibly.