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Core FXQ
Terminio Vaizdo Aprėptys / Priekinis Priedas

Terminio Vaizdo Aprėptys / Priekinis Priedas

Core FXQ



Produktų prieinamumas svetainėje yra skirtas tik rinkodaros tikslams ir negarantuoja / nereiškia, kad jūsų šalyje prietaisą galima naudoti / parduoti / užsisakyti / kitais tikslais. Šiems gaminiams reikalinga speciali licencija ir netgi gali būti uždrausta vietinių įstatymų.

Quick Transformation

Core FXQ38/ FXQ50 is a combination of thermal imaging monocular and front attachment for day riflescope or observation device. Replaceable eyepiece included in the package allows quick transformation in the course of several seconds.













Core as an Alternative to Thermal Sight

Attachment can become a better alternative to a night vision / thermal scope in the case when optics mounts do not ensure quick mounting and/ or recurrent installation of optics to a correct position. Use of the attachment does not require from a hunter a change in weapon holding position or in style of shooting. Small weight and size simplify controls and do not influence the balance of the rifle significantly.

Night Time Shooting Advantages

Night time shooting with Core coupled with day optic riflescope has a number of positive moments. Such operational characteristics of day optics as significantly larger (in comparison to classic night vision or thermal riflescopes) eye relief, ordinary reticle, variable magnification are preserved.

Point of Impact Stability

Precision optics, original design and software ensure POI stability when attachment is in use. Hunter does not need to make any corrections to position of day scope's reticle when mounting Core.


Operating Modes

The Core suggests three operating modes, each designed to deliver best possible image in specific viewing conditions. The modes are as follows: “Rocks” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved rendering of hot objects' details).

Daugiau funkcijų


The Core offers three calibration modes: silent manual mode (“M”), automatic (“A”) and semiautomatic (“H”). The “A” mode implies calibration without user participation (process initiation (actuation of the shutter) takes place automatically). In the “H” mode the user decides on his own if calibration is required based on the image quality. Button “Cal” is pressed in this mode. Manual calibration (“M”) is carried out by pressing the button when the lens cap is closed. The “M” mode is recommended for hunting due to silent operation.

Bevielis nuotolinio valdymo pultas

Bevielis nuotolinio valdymo pultas

Ergonomiškas belaidis nuotolinio valdymo pultas (įsigyjamas atskirai) su enkoderiu visas „Core FXQ“ galimybes sutalpina po jūsų pirštais, kai patogiau ir komfortiškiau jį valdyti iš tolo.

External Power Supply Option

Core FXQ comes with a universal power adapter which allows connecting riflescope to external power sources via MicroUSB and DC 2.1x5.5 mm. External power sources significantly prolong operation time of device compared to the time provided by standard batteries.

Fully Waterproof

With IPX7 (IEC 60529 standard) water protection class Core thermal imaging devices can be operated in the conditions of precipitation of any intensity and withstand a short underwater submersion.

Compatible With Various Day Optics

Attachment allows to turn the majority of day sights with lens diameters from 40 mm to 56 mm into a thermal sight, ensuring constant position of POI. Quick-release bayonet mount allows remove it from the scope in seconds.

Wide Range of Operating Temperatures

Ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant AMOLED 640x480 display featuring fast response and provides crisp image when observing dynamic object.

Techninės charakteristikos

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EPS matinimo šaltiniai

Išoriniai akumuliatoriai EPS3 ir EPS5 skirti skaitmeniniams prietaisams, skaitmeniniams naktinio matymo taikikliams ir termovizoriniams monokliams. Akumuliatorių rinkinys yra didesnės talpos nei AA tipo baterijos ar įkraunamos baterijos. Naudojant akumuliatorių rinkinius didelės galios skaitmeninių naktinio matymo prietaisų naudojimo trukmė pailgėja iki penkių kartų.

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PULSAR PB8I išorinis akumuliatorius

Išorinis akumuliatorius Pulsar PB8I skirtas pratęsti „Pulsar“ prietaisų, turinčių microUSB tipo jungtį („Trail“ / „Helion“ / „Digisight Ultra“), veikimo trukmę.

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DN Adapters

DN Cover Ring Adapters are special mounting units, that enable installation of Core FXQ attachments in front of the objectives of day optic devices (riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars). Adapters are supplied with a set of insert rings (the choice of the insert ring is defined by the outer diameter of the objectives housing of optic device). After installation the adapter stays constantly on the objective of optic device which allows installing the thermal or digital attachment in front of the objective swiftly. During the day when the attachment is not used, adapter serves as the mount for the protective cover (included in the package), which protects the optics of day riflescope.

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